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The Holiday Party

We attended my husband’s holiday work party this weekend.  While I attempted to Not look like a slob, it turned out everyone else was in evening dresses and suits.  Despite feeling incredibly awkward at such an event, I was ridiculously proud that 1) I made the skirt I wore, and 2) that we lasted all of fifty minutes before getting Thai food and Finally! getting to see The Force Awakens.

IMG_0331Excuse the rumply photo.  I was tired and didn’t feel like putting it back on.

This was my first skirt.  I learned a lot.  And boy, oh boy is a circle skirt a lot of fabric.  I tried using the app from By Hand London but it kept claiming I couldn’t get enough fabric.  Ok, I know I’ve gotten chubby since having a kid, but come on.  Instead, I found this great excel sheet from The Snug Bug and it worked great.  I did make it in two panels.

I decided to do a lapped side zipper and used these instructions from Megan Nielsen.  I had a bit of a time with the zipper.  I broke two needles (I’ve never broken a needle before this weekend!) while trying to avoid the top stop, but I think it ended up looking quite nice.

Hemming was a bit of a rush, so I went with a simple bias tape.  It isn’t perfect but as I finished it up only two hours before we left, I was fairly pleased.  I used these instructions for hemming from Colette.

Finally, I looked at lots of instructions for the waistband but used this technique from Tuppence Ha’penny.

The pin is a vintage scarab that my husband got me several years ago from a closed local gallery, Finder’s Creepers.  I’ve never worn it as I never really had anything to wear it with.  But it really is cool.


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