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Double Gauze Quilt

Double Gauze Quilt
All Things Tentacles Quilt

I made this super simple double gauze quilt for my three-year old son.  I wanted something soft and light for summer.  The double gauze wasn’t the easiest material to work with, and it led to some wonky seams as it stretched a bit.  But it is soft and light so mission accomplished.  I used an embrace double gauze bamboo rayon that feels so cool on the back.

I improv pieced this together using some left over Cotton+Steel Lawn (the pink octopus fabric), Birch Organic with some lovely Charley Harper illustrations (the squids), and some Cloud 9 (the multi colored stars) that may be the softest thing on the planet.  The rest was Embrace Double gauze patterns in blues.

Instead of batting, I used some muslin in my quilt sandwich.  And I used some simple straight line quilting every 5-6 inches just to keep it all together.  I think next time I’ll use quilting cotton for the binding as it did stretch a little more than I wanted.

My kiddo is a fan!


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