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Another pillow

I made this for my best friend’s son. It was his 5th birthday. His dad is a muppet aficionado. He follows several blogs. Knows all the histories and he shares that love with his kiddo. 

I’ve been working on this for over a month. I got angry at all the mistakes and set it aside for awhile but realized that the time was drawing close. I finished the piecing at about midnight Friday and tidied up the pillow in the morning before the party. 

I should have re-pieced the last seam but I was so tired. 

Some of my frustration came from this being a bit above my skill level. Also their wasn’t a very good color chart and no piecing order. But it was a free pattern so while some of that was a nuisance that seems reasonable for my source. 

The pattern came from fandom in stitches (noticing a trend?). 

After the birthday party, I went to a quilt show at the Iowa Event Center. It was only the last couple of hours but my husband encouraged me to go. He knew I had an eye on a machine that they don’t sell locally but they would be at the show. 

I was hesitant as I’ve been working really hard to pay some debts but my husband is looking at a job in Washington and if we move I will likely throw myself into my hobbies for self preservation. 

So, meet my new baby. The moment I sat down, I loved her. She is so solid. She doesn’t have many features but the ones she has are well designed. 


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