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So, the last couple of weeks have been crazy busy with Halloween (Monkey trick or treated 4 times!) and work.  And as Fall is now in full swing, the evenings are getting dark earlier.  It just leaves me tired.  I’m not looking forward to Daylight savings time tonight.  Even if I get an extra hour of sleep.  Which is unlikely, as the Monkey’s grasp on time is still uncertain.

My new sewing machine has been giving me some hiccups.  The top thread keeps breaking.  I’ve tried all the things.  New needles, re-threading, rewinding the bobbin.  But it is still breaking.  I’m sure it is user error but I can’t figure out the error!

All of the things above have made me a little behind on all my projects.  I really need to get some stuff done.  I have this Friday off.  I’m hoping to be a whirlwind of energy!

Monkey is a NICE green dragon!
Hey! I made it while watching 80’s halloween specials. 
Cat Lady Quilt

I kind of botched this quilt.  But I think it was my sub-conscious telling me something.  This is the charm pack cherry quilt from the Fat Quarter Shop.  But, I didn’t double-check the pattern before I picked it back up again and half of the blocks should have been sewn together with the five-inch squares and not the rectangles.  I know when I was debating this pattern, I saw someone else put it together this way. So I think my brain just remembered it that way because I think it makes a nice secondary pattern.

Right?  Sure, that’s what happened.  Completely intentional.

Black and White Quilt Swap

Debating fabrics for the first quilt swap I’ve signed up for.  My partner is a little more traditional than me.  So I talked my mom in helping me pick out some fabric.  I also realized when I got home that I have a lot of black and white fabric.

The top one was my souvenir from our vacation in Seattle this spring.  It was so thrilling to go to Dry Goods!  The middle was from the Tula Pink True Colors Fat Quarter Bundle.  The bottom was from a local quilt shop.  Of course my Mom thinks the pattern I’m debating is too ambitious.  I was trying to explain it but that is kind of the point.

Also, looking at these.  I really need to learn how to take better pictures…


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